Bruce Greene signature.

Bruce Greene is one of the legitimate heirs to a cowboy kind of legacy that traces its beginnings back to Charlie Russell. It is a legacy that is tied hard and fast to a familiarity and feeling for ranch life reality and based on a bedrock of artistic accomplishment.

Way out in West Texas on the historic JA Ranch established by the patriarch of pioneer cowmen, Charles Goodnight, Bruce has discovered and tapped into a deep reservoir of cowboy reality and enough artistic inspiration to last him a lifetime.

Bruce has seen the sun come up between his horse’s ears on the backside of Palo Duro pasture, and it is his privileged perspective that enables him to show us, through his art, the authentic essence of the contemporary cowboy.

There will come a time when the cowboys of today will look at Bruce Greene’s art and smile at the memory of the way their world once was.

—Don Hedgpeth

52nd Annual Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition

Opening Weekend October 5-7, 2017
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
Oklahoma City

Open through November 26.

Proxy bidding service is available with advance arrangements by calling (405) 478-2250, ext. 233

A Cowpuncher's Paradise
A Cowpuncher’s Paradise
52" x 34" Oil

Cowboy Accommodations
Cowboy Accommodations
28" x 22" Oil

Horse Loops At First Light
Horse Loops At First Light
40" x 24" Oil
Full Of Herself
22" x 29½" Conte on Paper

The Morning After
The Morning After
13" x 26"
Bruce Greene